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Buyer representation:

We work closely with you to find a property that is right for you in terms of location, price, condition and all other factors important to you. Our knowledge of local neighborhoods and our research skills allow you to make informed decisions when you are buying a home for you and your family.

We cultivate strong relationships with handpicked bankers. We will personally arrange meetings with them and they will help you pre-qualify for a residential loan at the best possible rate.

Once we find a property you like, we analyze the asking price against market data, our research, disclosure statements, personal observation and then advise you whether you should offer asking price, underbid or overbid and help you negotiate its purchase as if we were purchasing the property for our own account. We will then work with the seller, their agent, the title company, inspectors and any other party necessary to ensure a smooth and speedy close.

Seller Representation:

When we list your Home, Condo or Townhouse, we use a structured approach to maximize the selling price:

In the pre-marketing phase, we research selling prices of neighboring properties at the exact time your property is marketed. We also reach out to our handpicked stagers and contractors if need be to show your property it in its best light. Finally, we reach out to our network of brokers and agents and pick the ones most likely to bring buyers and let them know the property will be released on the MLS imminently and to watch for it. Finally, having built anticipation for the property, we release it on the MLS and web sites and social media to insure that as many brokers and agents as possible know about the property. The marketing phase starts with the elevator pitch we prepare for incoming phone calls in order to maximize the numbers of open houses and tours. It continues with the tours themselves, where we position your property like a product manager markets a product: highlighting its unique selling features and positioning them against the competition.

This process is geared to generate multiple offers, which we’ll review with you. We’ll advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of each to help you decide which one to accept. Once the buyer purchases your Home, we work with buyers’ agent, bankers, the title company, inspectors and any other party necessary to ensure a smooth close.


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