• Office space, Retail, Investments
  • We represent Buyers and Sellers and Landlords and Tenants
  • SF/Marin+Peninsula+East Bay

Office space Landlord Representation:

Our structured approach involves pre-marketing as well as marketing efforts to insure we generate as many tours of your property per week as possible. We then painstakingly convert the tours to letters of intent. We then help you review the financial statements of prospective tenants so you can pick the best ones and we draft and negotiate the lease on your behalf.

Office space Tenant Representation:

When representing tenants looking for office space, we thoroughly research available inventory and also approach our network of property owners who have available space but may not be advertising it. Once we identify the property you like, we inspect it and may reach out to our handpicked contractors and architects to build the space to your specs. Finally, we draft letters of intent on your behalf and negotiate the terms of the lease to make sure it is fair and in your best interest.

Retail, Building Owner Representation:

We will find the best long-term retail tenants for your building ranging from cafes, bars and restaurants to boutiques and any type of retail store configuration. We will also carefully analyze the market to give you an idea of what rent to charge prospective tenants and what terms to include based on the particular retailer’s practice. Finally, we will draft and negotiate the lease on your behalf.

Retail Tenant Representation:

We will locate retail spaces in buildings that are the best fit for your business. We will consider foot traffic, layout, price and lease terms from cafes, bars and restaurants to any type of retail configuration. Often, the retail spaces we find for tenants are either not marketed or not marketed to their full potential e.g. we have been able to find and convert a yoga studio in a great location and convert it to a high end restaurant thereby maximizing the foot traffic for the retail tenant and the value of the building for the owner. We will also carefully analyze the market to advise you whether the asking rents and terms are reasonable or not. Finally, we will draft letters of intents on your behalf and draft and negotiate the lease.

Investment Properties:

  • Any property, including development sites, across categories with a minimum 20% ROGIC
  • SF/Marin+Peninsula+East Bay
  • We represent Institutional Investors and Property Owners wanting to sell to investors

Investor representation:

We work closely with investors to identify acquisition targets across categories: multi-units, commercial buildings, office buildings, warehouses, development sites but also homes or condos. Our objective is to buy low and be able to deliver a gross 20% return on each investment. We then painstakingly identify the owners and negotiate with them terms that are reasonable and satisfactory to get them to sell their property so we can achieve our objective.

Owner representation:

When representing owners of investment properties, we represent owners of multi-units, commercial buildings including office buildings, warehouses but also homes or condos. Our objective is to maximize the sale price, which is often a multiple of the revenue the property, generates. Consequently, we work with owners and help them re-finance the property, fix-it, find tenants paying market rents etc. We then, market the asset to investors and negotiate the best sales price possible.


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