I met Armand at an open house, and felt instantly comfortable with him and signed him up to be my broker. It turned out to be a wise decision. I was searching for a condo in one of the tightest real estate markets in San Francisco’s history. Armand kept my spirits up in a market where there was very little inventory.  I am quite picky in what I was looking for, which made the search doubly challenging. Armand never pressured me and made each day we went looking a pleasant experience. He also went the extra mile and worked some contacts to have me look at a couple condos that weren’t yet on the market, giving me more options. Actually, in desperation, I almost settled for two properties that weren’t quite up to the quality I was looking for. Thankfully Armand advised me to walk away. I saw that as a sign of integrity because he could have just done the deal and got his commission. But Armand does not want his clients to do just any deal, he wants you to do the right deal. We finally found the perfect property. I bought a brand new property at a very reasonable price. I give Leap SF five stars because of Armand’s knowledge, integrity, and professionalism.

John McGee

San Francisco homeowner

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