Given the strength of foreign currencies against the Dollar, in particular the Euro (a luxury 2BR/2BA in SF priced at $825K costs a European only 571,000 Euros…) and a more forgiving tax climate we are advising our European Investors to purchase Residential, Commercial and Income Properties in SF. Traditionally, European investors make all cash offers when purchasing SF Real Estate.

LEAP is happy to announce that we’ve partnered with a SF Bank which will provide Residential and Commercial loans to foreign Investors as long as they put down 40% of the purchase price. Investors need not have a Green Card or justify income or provide pay stubs.

Contact us for details.


Looking at the June 2011 Home Price Case-Shiller index , we note that Single Family Home prices in SF are down 38.2% from their peak in May 2006. Needless to say, there are great deals on the market now. It is also interesting to note that NY is down only about 14% for the same period.

Another interesting fact reported by Lorraine Woellert and Clea Benson in Bloomberg on August 25, 2011 is that Government-run Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Federal Housing Administration now own about a third of the country’s nearly 800,000 foreclosed properties.

Finally, we all know that interest rates are low but the last time they were that low was nearly 50 years ago…

Keep in mind that if you want to upgrade to a larger/nicer  home, condo, commercial space or income property and your present property has lost market value, the property you plan to acquire has lost market value as well. In other words, it may actually make business sense to sell at a loss in a down market in order to purchase residential, commercial or income property that is now selling at a discount.

“You can tell Armand is a former high-tech industry veteran not only by the number of high-tech executives and investors he frequents but by the way he runs his San Francisco based real estate company LEAP. If LEAP sells your residential or commercial Real Estate, he actively promotes every single one of its best features and points out competitive properties weaknesses. If you task LEAP with finding a residential or commercial property, he uses his rolodex and every database and research tool known to man to find the type of property you are looking for. He is also a very skilled negotiator with a talent for combining facts and emotions.

His team, from mortgage bankers to his maintenance crew is equally impressive and hand picked. Armand handles every sell or buy transaction as if it was his own money and always keeps your best interest in mind. I recommend LEAP without any hesitation.”

Chris Minnick
Minnick New Media


“Having worked with Armand on several projects, I have come to appreciate his creative methodology for solving difficult problems. Being a licensed real estate Broker myself and having run real estate Businesses, all too often I’m frustrated by the inefficient processes in our business that end up causing headaches for both real estate professionals and their customers. Armand’s fresh approach and outlook to the real estate brokerage business in San Francisco will be a welcome relief and I look forward to what he will accomplish. Armand is conscientious and always looks out for his clients, even if it means less money for himself. I would recommend him as a consummate professional and a trusted advisor.”

Bob Arabian
Tangle Trade Advisors 

“Armand’s commitment to his role as President of the 246 2nd Street HOA in San Francisco is already legendary among the home owners and tenants of the building. He has been tireless, since the day he was elected to his first term, in protecting and advocating for the rights and welfare of all of the residents, going as far as personally testifying at City Hall in an effort to maintain the residential quality of the building’s surrounding neighborhood. In the time he has served as President of the HOA, I have seen him follow through on every single initiative he proposed, and keep every single promise he made, exhibiting a great deal of savvy in real estate and city planning matters at every turn. Even more impressively, he has done all of this while maintaining the highest level of integrity (never bowing to pressure from individuals or groups) and an incredibly upbeat and positive attitude. It’s no surprise to me that he has been re-elected three times as President of the HOA, as the home owners and other residents are all keenly aware that we are lucky to have a leader and advocate like Armand serving the Association. Based on my experience with Armand, and my first-hand observation of both his real estate acumen and his personal and professional integrity, I would not hesitate to use his new company LEAP to purchase residential or commercial real estate, and I would have no reservation recommending his company to others as well.”

Ernest Hsin Esq.
Gibson Dunn & Crutcher

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